An extraction means removing intrusions in your energy body. One could call it a deep cleanse of blockages or "garbage". When we don't feel good we lose power and sort of leak energy. Our body becomes weaker and covered with gaps that we might try filling with other things or energies that shouldn't be there.

What's a spiritual intrusion?

  • Everything that is not part of our own power or energy.
  • Things we might have done or filled our lives with in order to feel better or even for survival. Behavioral patterns, addictions and such.
  • Thought patterns that aren't helpful and that might have gotten stuck in our bodies.
  • Curses. Either projected energies from someone else such as jealousy or disgust or self-doubt we have fed ourselves, which then have formed into a blockeage.

Procedure: We meet over Zoom. We talk about how you're feeling and why you need help. Then I journey shamanically and my Guides clean you. We call in a medicine power animal to protect you as well.

Once the journey is done I retell everything that happened. Sometimes I get the full story behind a blockeage, and sometimes just the form or chord that was attached to you. Keep an open mind. The things cleared are not supposed to come back unless you allow it to.

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