Power Animal Retrieval

A power animal retrieval is often made together with another technique such as an extraction or de-possession. However, you might want to know your power animal anyway, and in that case a retrieval is easily made as well.

What is a power animal? A power animal is concept used in many shamanic traditions. A power animal is a soul with the caracteristics of an animal - it strenghts, weaknesses and wisdom. It's like a Guide and all humans have one or several power animals. Sometimes an animal accompanies your for parts of your life and then leaves, and other ones stay your whole lives. Power animal don't live in the physical world - they help us from the spiritual realm. You don't choose your power animal yourself, they choose us.

Procedure: We meet over Zoom. We talk about how you're feeling and why you need help. Then I journey shamanically and retrieve your power animal. The animal usually comes with a message for you.

What should I do once I know my power animal? The concept might be hard to grasp, but sometimes it's enough just knowing you are protected. You might want to read more about your animal and remind yourself of its connection with you.

Vilket djur som kommer just till dig är svårt att säga på förhand, det blir som det ska, men det kan vara alltifrån en räv till en duvhök eller lemur.

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