Past Life Healing

Sometimes when we don't understand certain patterns in our lives or specific situations keep reappearing it might be due to something in a previous life.

This treatment is made either if the client it self wishes to learn more about past lives or if I get the green light from my Guides that this is something the client needs.

Procedure: We meet over Zoom. We talk about how you're feeling and why you need help. Then I journey shamanically and retrieve information about the most relevant past life to heal right now with regards to your issues. I ask for contracts or convictions your might have left that life with, if there are people right now that you have lived with before, the way you died and your last thoughts when dying, All of this might give us an insight and understanding of why you're experiencing issues currently.

After my journey I retell everything that happened. You may record this if you want to.

Afterwards we make a ceremony or visualization so that you can heal and cut the chords to your past life.

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