Chakra balancing session

I denna behandling använder jag alla mina healingverktyg, både shamanska tekniker och reikitekniker för att gå igenom dina energicenter i kroppen som kallas chakran. Behandlingar går att göra på mottagningen eller på distans.

I vår energikropp har vi många chakran – på knän, händer och fötter exempelvis, men vi har några som kopplar ihop allt där mycket energi möts som man brukar kalla för våra huvudchakran. Dessa chakran binder samman alla våra nadis, som är som trådar eller meridianer av energi som bildar vårt energifält.

In a chakra balancing treatment I go through all seven main chakras, from the root chakra to the crown chakra. I balance each energy center by calming the overactive ones and pushing more energy into those that are blocked or stagnant. The goal is for you to have your energy flowing freely in your body. Otherwise, when blocked or unbalanced you might feel sick or mentally drained.

I cannot promise that one session is enough to balance everything, it all depends on the individual and on how much blockages he or she has, and how he or she keeps himself/herself cleansed. What I can promise is that I will try my best and do as much possible during your session.

Your session includes a sound recording of the session which is sent to your email.

What is the difference between a regular reiki session and a chakra balancing session? During a regular reiki session I work intuitively with the reiki energy and our guides. I treat the areas that are most in need of care and focus on what needs my attention at the moment. This means I don't have time to go through all your main chakras. This is not a problem per say, but at times one might want to have a check at all chakras.

In a chakra balancing session I work methodically going through everything from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Of course I use the help of my guides on what to do. I recommend that you google information about the chakra system so that you at least know where they are at. I will mention the chakras and how their overactiveness or stagnation might be affecting you.

What you prefer, a regular reiki session or a chakra balancing session is up to you. Perhaps you have already done som energy work and just want a tune up? Then a chakra balance treatment might be it for you! On the contrary you might not be all clear about what you need. Then it is also a good idea to do a chakra balancing session to see what needs more attention.

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Price Chakrabalansering Distans/Mottagning

900 kr inkl. moms (60 min)

Mottagningen ligger på S:t Olofsgatan 18.

Betalas enklast via Swish. Kortbetalning eller överföring kan också göras via

"This was my first chakra balancing with Andrea. I felt calm with loads of tingles and heat on my body. I feel that the energies stay long after the session and I felt very good afterwards. I recommend Andrea for both chakra balancing and reiki sessions. "

Testimonial by H.A.