Vägledande samtal

Kanske har du en specifik fråga du vill ha vägledning kring, eller önskar du en generell läggning där vi tittar på olika områden i ditt liv? Jag kan skräddarsy din session så att vi kan fokusera på dina specifika behov.​ Jag ”kopplar upp mig” och tar hjälp av våra guider samt använder korten som redskap. . Du får en privat konsultation med budskap till just dig.

I offer these alternatives:

  • Distance. You make a reservation either through Calendly, or by sending me an email. Normally we connect through the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.
  • På mottagning. På S:t Olofsgatan 18.
  • Video orders.. Du beskriver din fråga/frågor noga vid bokning och jag spelar in en läggning och skickar/lmejlar den till dig. Boka med formuläret här.

Priser Mottagning

900 kr (60 min)

Prices Distance (Phone, FaceTime, Zoom)

500 kr (30 min)
900 kr (60 min) 

Prices Video

600 kr (30 min)

Boka tid

Betalas via enklast via Swish. Kortbetalning eller överföring kan också göras via paypal.me/clouhalsa. På mottagning kan du även betala med kort direkt.

What does a reading with me entail?

Normally I begin a consultation with a general look or spread to see what energies surround my client, the challenges and pieces of advice that come up straight ahead. This serves as a good warm up and allows me to tune in further on the client. The rest of the session varies a lot depending on the subject of the reading and the time limit that we have set. Common areas to look at are: relationships, friendship, career matters, or life in general and what it might look like in 6 months or a year from now. Many people also want to know more of the status of their body, mind and soul which gives them a broader picture and understanding of their situation.

At times I do spreads in order to help my client release something, to know that to keep on doing, advice etc. Sometimes people are in the midst of a decision and then we look at the energies surrounding the different options they have. This might give them insight and information so that they feel prepared to make a decision.

The hardest part for me are questions regarding TIME. "When am I going to meet someone?" or "When am I going to find a job?" - valid questions of course, but I can't promise that my guides are going to be willing to answer. Sometimes we are not prepared or even supposed to know everything that lies ahead. I use all of my senses when doing readings (the cards are just a tool for tuning in) and the messages I get are the ones I'm supposed to convey. This means that we sometimes get specific answers, and sometimes we don't. Not everything is for us to know and we are very much in power of changing our own destiny. What I see is not by any means permanent, I see energies and it is up to you to make decisions for yourself. You are the one in control of your own life.

Ethical principles: Our conversation is strictly between you and me and I exercise professional secrecy. Furthermore, I have some moral principles that I follow: I do not do readings where we ask about death or sicknesses. No one is going to feel better knowing those kind of things. My aim is to guide the client for their highest good in order for them to develop. I concentrate on my client. For integrity reasons I prefer not to read other people than my paying client, hence, no exes or other people. As long as we focus on you, I can customize the reading in anyway you like.

Remember: Our future is not set in stone, your free will does matter and it is up to you to make the change you need, to cope with life as you know it and make decisions for your own well-being. I work intuively reading energies from the past, present, future but no one is able to predict the future with total accuracy. Check out Clou Tarot for examples of my work. With that said, I look forward working with you. Links to my Podcast, Channel and blog are found here.

Love notes:

"Thank you so much! You really nailed it with everything. I'll be back with more questions*


"Oh, yes that's true, you're frightening me. Thank you, I feel I see things more clearly now"


"Andrea is incredibly good and intuitive. I've done readings, reiki treatments and shamanic guidance with her and everything has made an impact. Every time we meet I feel replenished and filled with insights. I'm definitely coming back!"


"I've had readings and guidance twice now from Andrea and it's difficult to describe the experience. It's been to the point, releasing and safe. I highly recommend everyone to try her services, even if you haven't done things like that before, and even if you're not sure about it. I promise you'll receive something unique and special. Thanks Andrea, see you soon"


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