When we aren't feeling good our energy field is weakened and we might be more inclined to take on other people's energy. Some people are even walking around with another entity in their body, another soul sharing your bodily space. Often the "takeover" has taken place when you felt really bad and therefore was open with a big gap in your energy field. The entity might not be evil at all, often they are confused souls that don't understand they need to go through the light. Walking around with another soul in your body is heavy and not the way it is supposed to be. When I get the green light from my Guides that a de-possession needs to be made, we take out the entity and help it go over to the light.

Procedure: Vi träffas at the clinic eller på distans via Zoom. Vi pratar en stund om hur du mår och vidare vad du behöver hjälp med. Jag reser sedan shamanskt (ungefär som att meditera) i 10-15 minuter och får titta på dig i den shamanska världen. Är det en de-possession som ska göras har jag fått klartecken redan i en diagnosresa som jag gör innan jag träffar dig. Mina Guider drar ut själen och hjälper över den till ”andra sidan”.

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