About me

My name is Andrea Limmerstedt och är certifierad shamansk healer (shamanic practitioner) enligt Warrior in the Heart-traditionen vilket utgjorde en ettårig utbildning i shamansk healing hos Helena Lundvik. Denna utbildning gick jag under hela 2020. Mer att läsa om denna utbildning finns även att att läsa på Warrior in the Hearts hemsida.

Utöver detta är jag diplomerad Usui Reiki Master två gånger hos två olika reikilärare. Jag har gått Usui Reiki 1, 2 och 3 hos Helena Lundvik och Usui Reiki 3 hos Åsa Elvegård. Jag anser att erfarenhet och kontakten med energin och alltet är det viktigaste, men får frågor om lineage ibland. Jag har tre lineages: via Helena går det via Chris Marsh och Suzuki San samt Takata. Via Åsa går det via Takata. Jag tycker dock att det är ganska ointressant med titlar hit och dit, utan har valt att gå hos flera reikilärare för att bredda min kompetens och förmågor.

I would say that self development, guidance, being a coach, self healing and psychology have been passion projects of mine for years. Before I changed my career path I used to work within the field of education which was a real lesson on how to deal with different kind of people, and how to guide them onwards and upwards along their lives. I left that field, but my passion for healing and coaching people remains and that has led me to my current path - trying to help people heal deeply and permanently.

Vägen har väl varit ganska brokig, jag känner att healing och vägledning bara damp ner i knät på mig när jag befann mig en intensiv period i mitt liv. En del tvära kast om man säger så. Jag utvecklas hela tiden och arbetar intuitivt både med reikin, shamanismen och vägledningen. Kontakten med mina guider är ovärderlig och jag jobbar på ett följa min själs väg som verkar vara att hjälpa andra människor i deras personliga utveckling.

My first encounter with alternative medicin, tarot, psychic readings and such was when I went to this medium I mentioned before. I had a hard time believing it was possible for her to tune in on me, but she did and she told me things I hadn't told anyone and predicted my future which such accuracy that I have come back to her each year since then. I can't promise I'll be able to do what she does, and be as accurate, but I do know I have a gift and that my job is to develop it. Since then I've tried chinese herbal medicin that really helped, started to learn about the Yin and the Yang, about chi, about the chakra system and energies - and I also realized I had been quite judgemental about these practises before. All these combined really helped me though my rocky period, and led me to my reiki training and now me training to become a shamanic practioner.

My wish is to spread the knowledge and practises I've learned through my treatments and sessions. Perhaps I'll come back to teaching in the future but with a totally different agenda and curriculum? ;) . I do want to point out that what I do is an addition to regular health care. It does not mean you should stop taking your meds or stop going to your doctor. Not everything can be healed solely through meds but neither through healing alone. I believe that a combination is totally fine and sometimes even needed.

My goal is helping people make emotional, sometimes physical and spiritual changes in order to heal, feel better and improve.

The ultimate aim is for your to feel balanced within your body, mind and soul. 

I'm available at Instagram as @clouhalsa. Do find me there, follow, like, subscribe and comment. bloggen här på hemsidan.

Let me know what I can do for you and we'll figure that out. 

Kind regards,


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