Reiju activation for practitioners

If you have done a reiki course but haven't really been practising reiki your "pipe" might feel slower or stagnant. Your initiation is never lost but by receiving a Reijuboost from a Reiki Master you can clear your channel again and strengthen it.

Mikao Usui som ursprungligen kanaliserade reikienergin brukade inte ge initieringar så som vi gör idag på kurser, utan han gav sina elever regelbundna boosters, det vill säga Reiju.

I do my Reiju at a distance, like a distance healing. I go through your body and combine my reiki techniques with my shamanic tools to cleanse your energy and then give you the Reijuboost.

Kan göras både på distans eller på mottagningen.


900 kr inkl. moms (60 min)

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