Reikibehandling på mottagning

What is reiki? Learn more about it här.

Price- At the centre / on site

900 kr inkl. moms (60 min)

Location:: Jag håller till på S:t Olofsgatan 18.

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What does the treatment look like? Our session begins with a short conversation in case there is something special you want me to target. Then you lay down on the massage table keeping your clothes on. I then proceed by scanning your body and your chakras by holding my hands above your body and/or using my pendulum. Once that is done I connect myself to reiki and treat the areas in need of clearing by holding my hands softly on that areas. Meanwhile you task is to relax and enjoy the calming music and vibe. After the sessions usually we talk briefly about my finds and how it felt to you.

As a certified Reiki practitioner I help my clients reduce stress, trouble sleeping, anxiety and other conditions.

I do want to point out that reiki is an addition to traditional medical care, it's not a substitute for it or a miracle method. The effect of the treatment might last differently for each individual, some might need several sessions in a row while others feel pleased with having reikihealing once in a while.Normally you can't expect these treatments to be a "quick fix" - healing requires you doing your inner work as well.

Side effects? Reiki is quite a "gentle" method and many people experience a sense of calm and well-being after a session. Reiki could however begin purging too. Some people experience a "healing crisis" with the symptoms getting worse before they ease out. I've had clients who have felt stomach pain, an increase of visits to the loo, feeling more tired, feeling more sensitive etc while clearing out heavy energies. Don't worry,it'll pass in a few days. Drink a lot of water to help the body cleanse and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Why do I need your permission to send reiki and why do I want you to be the one booking your healing session? To some extend it is about integrity, but also due to the fact that not all people are prepared to heal. Some people are so accustomed to their pain and sickness that it feels almost safe, and they are afraid of who they’d be without that condition. As a healer I have a responsibility to support you while healing. If you ask me for healing sessions I see it as a sign that you are ready and open to healing and doing your inner work.

Do you prefer receiving Reiki at home/ Distance Reiki? It works just as well! Learn more about Distance Reiki här.

Love notes:

"Andrea balances energies and loosens blockages with warmth and intuition. She presents her finds with sensitivity and integrity. Reiki could work as a catalyst or release of things you have bottled up or not dealt with."


Thank you for this experience. Much of what you said was accurate to what I felt, I felt cold during the whole session. I also hade a cold during the week which you also mentioned. This time I had so many thoughts in my head I felt confused. An electric wave came through my body. I saw colors, a lot of yellow and green. At the end I felt someone touch my left wrist. After the session I felt something in my heart and a headache but today I feel calm and lighter. As if something has been released. 
Efteråt kännde jag av lite vid hjärtat och huvudvärk men idag känner jag mig väldigt lugn och lättare i sinnet som ” något har släppt ”
I am happy with the treatment and I will definately come back soon.


"I feel a bit overwhelmed, wow, but in a good way. I liked that"


"Your hands are so hot! Are you holding them against something? This was really pleasant, I should visit you once a week. The things you're telling me really resonate"