Shamanic session

What is Shamanism och what does a shaman do?

The Shamanism I practise and learned is a celtic shamanism from the Warrior of the Heart Foundationtradition. I've done a one year course called "The Wheel of the Year" with Helena Lundvik who learned her techniques from Elsa and Howard Malpas at the Warrior of the Heart Foundation in England. During my education I tried out all the healings and techniques myself and developed a closer relationship wiht my Guides and Helpers. It was life changing but also very gratifying.

The shamanism that I practise and that I've learned is a celtic shamanism with nordic influences. The base is the belief that every living species has a spirit and life force. As humans we often experience events and trauma that make us lose our life force. At times we might even lose part of our soul or form chords that make us leak energy to that past event or person. When we lose our life force an empty space is formed within our body, this leaves room for lower energies to fill up that space, it could be in the form of addictions, sicknesses, depressions etc.

The purpose of a shamanic healing and guidance session is to restore these soul losses, to find them by going back to when the loss happened and gather the missing parts and return them to my client. Sometimes this is made through a soul retrieval or through finding your power animal. Sometimes heavy energy is extracted from your body as well. Very often we also have to dig in to a past life, or go back to past events in your current life to cut chords and prevent patterns from continuing. I also work with finding your inner child that might have gotten lost along the way and is in need of reuniting with your current self.

The role of the shaman roll in today's society is not to separate herself/himself from the rest of her/his community, on the contrary, a shaman should be a part of their community and group. Working with shamanism is not an easy task, but it also very fulfilling. You don't become a shaman, not everyone is allowed to called themselves a shaman - a shaman is either appointed by the spirit world or by her/his community. community. Det är ett komplicerat arbete, ibland ganska hårt, men också väldigt givande och uppfyllande. Man blir inte shaman utan vidare, utan man blir utsedd till shaman antingen av andevärlden eller av sitt community.

Shamanic session - Guidance and healing

Din session på ca 75 minuter formas beroende på vad du behöver hjälp med. Oftast uppfattar mina klienter att de shamanska teknikerna går ner djupt och leder till varaktiga förändringar. Vilket resultat just DU får är svårt att säga, ofta kräver det ju också en egen insats och att vara villig att genomföra förändringar i sitt liv för ett stadigvarande välmående. Are you ready for change? Are you willing to heal?

Shamanic healing is not a miracle method or a "quick fix". Traditional medicine is there for a reason and I would never advise on your medication or medical condition. I am not a physician. I work on a soul level and on your energy.

Shamanic healing might however target things residing underneath energitically, deep down in your subconcious.

Upon booking I want you to describe your needs and problems. You might need both healing and guidance. Some leave it to me and the Guides to decide what to do, and others might be curious about specifics like past lives or family healing.

Before you session I always journey into the shamanic realm to talk to my Guides and received guidance on how to support you in the best way possible. One or two of the following techniques might be used: en eller flera av dessa (klicka på namnet om du vill läsa mer specifikt om den tekniken):


1150 kr inkl. moms (75 minuter)

Kan göras på distans eller på mottagningen. Jag håller till på S:t Olofsgatan 18.

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